LDN Program

Program Details

LDN’s 3-year program focuses on spiritual formation by integrating study with worship, reflection, prayer and conversation. This conversational model is key and provides a safe place to share a diverse range of questions, opinions and ideas. It also builds a deep sense of community among facilitator and participants while navigating scriptural and historical topics. We highly value the integration of knowing with doing and being.

Who is LDN For?

Adult Christians in the CRC who desire a deeper faith journey:

  • current ministry leaders (elders, deacons, children’s and youth pastors, worship leaders, small group leaders, other)
  • potential/current leaders or leaders-in-training
  • church planters and evangelists
  • those called to and seeking designation as a Commissioned Pastor in the CRC

Tuition and Application

  • $1400 per year (includes: facilitators, guest speakers, books, lunch, and spring retreat)
  • Tuition may be eligible for a yearly education tax receipt
  • Deadline for applications: every September

Program Structure

  • nine full-day sessions per year, one Saturday per month, September to May
  • three-year rotating curriculum with new participants welcome each September
  • integration of Biblical content, ministry skill competence, and character formation
  • monthly mentoring meeting

Program Expectations

Each participant commits to the following:

  • attend 2 hour orientation for new participants (in September of your first year)
  • attend and participate in all monthly meetings (September to May), including the spring retreat
  • complete all required reading and writing assignments in preparation for each monthly meeting (approximately 15 hours per month) of Scripture reading and journaling, book reading and written response, and ministry skills practice and reflection
  • meet with your mentor monthly (a mature Christian of your choosing)
  • receive all curriculum, speakers and learning charitably; respect confidences

Program Locations