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Jesus tells us that the “kingdom of God is near”. Do we have the eyes to see the ways that God is moving beyond the borders of the established church? Let us step out in both humility and confidence knowing God is before us and inviting us to join in mission.

Doesn't it behoove us to set off for some foreign destination "in a distant country" from time to time, so that we may... recognize anew and more profoundly the closeness of Him who is closer to us than our own hearts? Isn't this time of intermingling cultures and startling foreign incursions... a time of opportunity -- and invitation from our Lord not to be afraid to enter unfamiliar spaces or to go on journeys, to travel there and back again?

Tomáš Halík, Night of the Confessor: Christian Faith in an Age of Uncertainty,
The Shape He Makes, Jan Richardson The Shape He MakesJan Richardson

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Survey – Ethnic Minority Peoples in our Canadian CRCNA Communities

COMPLETE THE SURVEY HERE Resonate is doing a survey: Ethnic Minority Peoples in our Canadian CRCNA Communities Diaspora communities, or

congregants, counsel members, Pastors

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Healing Hearts Transforming Nations

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Go Local – Joining God in your Neighbourhood

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