BC Leadership Development Network (LDN)

Please note: The Leadership Development Network (LDN) is currently not offering its 3 year curriculum. A one year New Testament reading cohort led by our 1Life curator Wilma van der Leek is available instead.

A 1Life Intensive: Theological Training for CRC Leaders

The BC LDN offers a rich program of biblical studies/leadership training for CRC leaders, and each September we happily welcome new participants to our conversation table.  This year will be our OLD TESTAMENT cohort. Then consider signing up next year for the NEW TESTAMENT cohort and in 2024 – 2025 for the Theological Reflection on the Biblical Story cohort.

We like to know that applicants understand and can work within LDN’s learning model, which relies on group discussion, collaborative learning, and a good deal of reading and self-reflection between sessions.  It’s good to be prepared for that kind of rigor. We certainly don’t require a post-secondary degree of any sort, but do want you to be aware ahead of time of the kind of critical thinking and self-expression needed to flourish in this unique cohort.

Perhaps you –elder, deacon, Sunday School teacher, ministry leader, administrator etc. with an interest in studying God’s word– would like to join our conversation?

We meet together in person once/month. We’ll host a retreat gathering for both groups in April. There will be individual preparation and mentor meetings between sessions. Some of our afternoon sessions will be made available to others through 1Life.

Again this fall we will be the hosting of this program out of East Hill Church in Vernon as well as out of Fleetwood CRC in Surrey! 

If after reviewing the website you seek more information  email the administrator, Anne Duifhuis at office@crc1Life.ca,  or contact our program facilitator, Wilma van der Leek at: wilma@crc1Life.ca /604-594-6873