Collaborations and Discipleship Collective

Collaborations are our 1Life delivery system, how we put our curated 1Life, 5 Callings content out into the world.

Around the Table

Interested in providing busy families with simple and meaningful ways to form faith at home during Advent? Pull up a chair around our

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Around the Table

How might cultural shifts affect the ways we share our faith with the next generation? Join the conversation, unpack Christian

childrens pastors, faith formation leaders, ministry leaders, Pastors, youth pastors

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The Building Blocks of Faith

What do people of all ages need in order for their faith to grow? This workshop identifies four simple spiritual needs that children,

childrens pastors, Council leadership, Faith Formation pastors, ministry leaders, Pastors, youth pastors

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Deacons Ministry 101

Join Rachel Vroege, Western Canada Regional Ministry Developer for an in-depth look at the call to be a deacon. We will engage with the

Benevolence, Deacons, Justice, Leadership, Stewardship

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Workshop: Planning a Worship Service

Four “angles” on worship planning will be considered: cultural, counter-cultural, trans-cultural, multi-cultural.

Artists, Musicians, Pastors, Worship planners

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Workshop: Making a Pastoral Visit

Elders visit congregants for a variety of reasons: to console, to teach, to celebrate, to support, to encourage, to correct, to


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Book Study: The Work of the People by Marlea Gilbert

Explore patterns of worship where the congregation is involved in creating the worship experience.  If attending, please order this

Church, Congregation, Liturgy, Marlea Gilbert, Worship

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Workshop: Worship

Join us for a workshop led by Joan DeVries, a Worship Coach in BC for CRCNA.  Workshop outline includes the following topics: What is

Liturgy, Proclamation, Worship

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A Conversation on Embodied Worship

What does worship look like after COVID? What have we learned? Join us for an online conversation with guest, Andrea Tisher, pastor of

Conversation, Online, Worship

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