What Does a 1Life Curator Do?

1Life exists to partner with BC CRCs to provide life-long equipping & learning. It is a wonderful time to find support for seeking spiritual growth & renewal in the church.

We humbly put ourselves before you as curators who continually and discerningly find, sift, contextualize and share the very best content that correspond with the five callings named by synod. It’s our strong conviction that this 5-fold path offers a very holistic, healthy approach to spiritual maturity.

A key component of our work as curators is the word “continually.” We covenant to take on the responsibility for keeping content fresh, relevant, & theologically grounded. Our deep hope is to offer an intentional “curriculum-for-Christ-likeness” (Dallas Willard’s term) out of the multitude of tools & resources currently available; a curriculum that allows for deep theological reflection and growth that will benefit both individually and the church holistically.

In this way, 1Life’s hope is to participate in the recovery of persuasive and meaningful access to the gospel story and its transforming vision for our time and place. We, the 1Life team, view curation of this sort to be a long and winding road, made up of a lot of short sprints, beautiful views and resting spots.

Our desire is to stay in close touch with churches and classis equippers in order to curate as well as possible. Currently, the curators meet in-person on the first and third Thursday mornings of every month at Fleetwood CRC in Surrey, BC. The door is always open for an hour at the end of those meetings (1:00-2:00) for you to drop in and connect with any of us, make suggestions or browse the library of resources we will be gathering.

It was the compromised and disoriented Jewish people in Babylon who set up the synagogue for intensive training, a lively center of spiritual wisdom. Might we dare to hope in our compromised and disoriented times that our churches would once again become such lively centers for passing on spiritual wisdom?

From Night of the Confessor: Christian Faith in an Age of Uncertainty by Tomas Halik