Healing Hearts Transforming Nations

“We need the church in this work!” Rwanda’s Minister of Justice emphatically stated on my first day at the International School of Reconciliation in February 2020, “It is the church that can reach the hearts of the people in way the government cannot.”

In 1994, only a few weeks after genocide tore through Rwanda, Rhiannon Lloyd, a Welsh doctor, was invited by church leaders into their country to support pastors and leaders address their trauma and begin healing from the atrocities they witnessed. They wondered together how such a thing had happened in a country where 80% of the people had been church-going Christians? Together, they developed a workshop to address the causes, impact, pain, and set out a path to healing. Today, this immersive, interactive workshop continues to expand into more and more countries and is helping people understand and heal from the impact of inter-cultural violence and find reconciliation.

As we in Canada face our own inter-racial historical conflicts, it can be hard to know where to begin. This workshop and training will help you better understand reconciliation and bring healing to many. You will walk a three-day reconciliation path yourself along with others seeking inter-national healing. It is purposely designed to bring many diverse people to learn and heal together.

You are invited to participate in this 3-day immersive and interactive workshop to learn together how we can address reconciliation on an individual and national level through a Christ-centered approach.  

Need more information? Visit the Healing Hearts Transforming Nations website for videos and stories. Also, read this CRCNA article, to meet the Rwanda International School of Reconciliation director and hear his own story. 

Feel free to directly contact Jessica Boy if you have any questions! She completed this training in Rwanda in 2020.



**Sumas, Washington @ Cedar Springs Christian Retreat Center
Sept 7-11, 2022 – $500 – Application deadline: 4/16/22
Early bird rate: $450 – ends 6/1/22

Scholarships Available – Rates for the workshop reflect an introductory price to help make them available to a wider audience. We anticipate that prices may rise as this establishes in North America.

(**NOTE TO CANADIANS: due to the international facilitators travel and visa requirements, we were not able to bring the workshop all the way into Canada… however I was able to arrange the workshop to be held just across the border! -Jessica )

If you are interested in bringing this workshop to your area, consider taking the training too!


A 5-day, 6-night training of facilitators of the HHTN ministry experience. This hands-on training will fully equip participants with everything they need to begin conducting HHTN events in their own ministry contexts.

Sumas, WA @ Cedar Springs Christian Retreat Center
Sept 11-17, 2022 – $750