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Worship Leader Gathering

Monday, February 28, 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Meet with Katie Roelofs, a worship ministry employee of the CRC

In a time where Covid has isolated us, made more work for us and stretched us all a bit thin, I would love to host you for a worship leader gathering on zoom. If we were able to be in person, I’d promise you some kind of delicious food, but since we’ll be virtual, I promise some fun with door prizes 🙂 Come meet and connect with other worship leaders in BC NW and SE to share some laughs, some experiences, some suggestions and hopefully build up some relationships moving forward. How might we be able to collaborate, share and support each other in the future? Let’s talk! We’ll also be joined by John Zuidhof, the worship stream representative for 1Life and Joan DeVries, an endorsed coach with CRC Worship Ministries. Both are local to your classis and a tremendous resource!

Facilitator: Katie Roelofs

Host: John Zuidhof, Curator, Gospel Proclamation & Worship

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