1Life 5 Callings Lecture Series

1Life is launching itself in BC CRCs with a five-part monthly lecture series in partnership with The King’s University.

Topics & Dates:

  • January 11: Called to Gospel Proclamation & Worship (Rev. Tim Wood & Witty Sandle: Praying Honestly)
  • February 8: Called to Faith Formation (Dr. Heather Looy: Disgust & The Ethics of Empathy)
  • March 8: Called to Servant Leadership (Dr. Neal DeRoo: Becoming Lovers of God )
  • April 12: Called to Global Mission (Dr. Will VanArragon: First Nations & Treaties)
  • May 10: Called to Mercy & Justice (Rev. Jonathon Nicolai-deKoning: Pandemic, Poverty, & Prophetic Justice).

Click here to watch the Praying Honestly lecture with Rev. Tim Wood and Mrs. Witty Sandle.